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Since 2016, we have been designing unique pieces reflecting the styles and vibes of the women of modern era. With a strong curiosity about the world of design, we began crafting stylish clothing. All our designs are collaborative pieces that not only inspire, but empower those who see the world through seasonally-colored glasses.Our designs are inspired by a wide range of experiences. While these designs are engaged in contemporary conversations, they are rooted in sustainable ideals. They pull from the aesthetics of the communities we engage with, as well as from fashion's historic roots.


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THE OFU offers a unique purchasing option unlike other designer label. Even if an outfit is no longer in stock but you wish to wear it, we will gladly recreate a similar one. Since, we do not copy someone else's hardwork or repeat any outfit from point of view of exclusivity, a similar outfit can be designed for you but with a different approach. With this option, you’re able to find something special from the past that you may have missed out on the first time around.


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