About Us

Behind the Style

"The OFU" (Only For You) is a designer label which is trendy, chic and suits ones persona. It is a perfect blend of style and fashion. The OFU label focuses to capture the free spirited attitude and relentless need to express ones own individuality. 

We have deep understanding of textile and fashion and are keen on incorporating simplicity & classic smart cuts to our designs with giving attention to details such as colour and rich quality fabric. The outfits by us are amalgamation of the Indian Touch with the contemporary chic to give a perfect look & to create a great classic wardrobe of today's modern women having the free spirited attitude. 

The OFU label have its own style of designing with the smart and modern cuts, minimal look and placement of design inspired from the nature along with taking care of different techniques for the prints and embellishment that can be carried out very well to reflect one's persona and chic. 


Every individual is different with unique personality and style of fashion. The launch of The OFU label serves the purpose of understanding an individual's style and providing the utmost satisfaction, as the name of the label depicts every outfit created by us is styled and designed ONLY FOR YOU. We maintain the exclusivity of any & every design.

Why Us?


The OFU Being Praised

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The Designers

Djey Tanwar

Always ambitious & wanting to stand out from the crowd by thinking differently. My confidence  & passion drove me to do something unique in field of creativity. As a fashion enthusiast, I would like to leave a mark in fashion world thus, became a Fashion Entrepreneur.  

Megha Sikchi

With an interest in creativity & fashion, my first step was joining NIFT as a textile designer. Graduating from NIFT opened the door to fashion world for me and after gaining certain experience with well known designer labels in the industry, I was shortlisted as one of the top 5 contestant in Ethnic Designer of the Year 2015.