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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Women today are fearless, from the workplace to homes. We live in a new age where women

have taken over the world and are dismantling the patriarchal virtues set before us. These have

resulted in women living bolder and making bold statements when it comes to fashion. Today

there are no set boundaries on what women can and cannot wear.

From suits in boardrooms to pyjamas in airports. Women today are choosing to wear anything

they like and are doing so with an aura of confidence. This has resulted in a boom in the fashion

industry. Gone are the days when designer labels catered to size zero models and offered only

select group of garments. Today brands worldwide have opened their doors to people of all

sizes and the collection of garments is vast. This trend has helped women get comfortable and

express themselves through style.

Clothing in general is a part of our identity. The clothes we wear define us a person, it creates

an image to the person who sees us in those clothes. It is for this very reason that fashion holds

a very important place in the world. Sure, we might think it is only for the elite and we don’t

really need to dress up extravagantly. However, dressing smart and sharp can create a lasting

impression on those that see us.

Women today are acutely aware of this fact. Hence for them fashion and dressing is an

extension of their personality. They know that despite uprooting the conventions of patriarchy in

society, they still have to fight an uphill battle and they will use every opportunity to express

themselves. This is a big reason why women are always in vogue. They want to keep up with

the latest trends in order to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Yet fashion is not always intended in a serious context. More often than not, fashion is all about

showcasing the lighter side of the person. It is all about wearing what feels comfortable and

what feels like a part of them. The lighter side of fashion is what drives the industry. Women’s

love for clothing is a cliche that has been described an immeasurable amount of times and it

goes well beyond that. Clothing and fashion hold a very important place in the hearts of all

women. Today they are able to use that and turn into something meaningful.

Another important thing when it comes to fashion is that it is extremely temporary. Things can

come and go in weeks, not even seasons. The influence of fast fashion has made the industry

an extremely fickle one. Despite the sheer pace of the fashion industry, women still manage to

stay on top of it. Rarely will you see a woman that does not look impeccable. Their taste in

fashion and their ability to create styles is something even the industry falls behind. In a world

where dressing is an extension of one’s personality, you will often find that women do it so much

better than their male counterparts. Being a fashionable lady means that she can showcase her

taste and exert her mark on the world.

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