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Why a fashion designer outfit?

Updated: Jun 22

Fashion industry is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise devoted to the business of making and selling clothes. There are hundreds and thousands of fashion designers. Retails sellers and different channels of selling and buying apparels. Fashion is best defined simply as the style or different styles of clothing and accessories worn at any given time by groups of people. There may appear to be differences between the expensive designer fashions shown on the runways of Paris or New York and the mass-produced sportswear and street styles sold in malls and markets around the world in bulk.

Often designers sell their designs to mass produced retailers to sell their product which can be found in different stores all over the world. You can take hold of these pieces anywhere. But fashion designers who work individually and sell directly to the customer make custom couture.

They do not mass produce apparels but tailor make it for customers. As much as people love to buy retail since it's affordable, easily available and on budget. While designer clothes often come with a hefty price tag. However, the fashion industry encompasses the design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, retailing, advertising, and promotion of all types of apparel for men, women, and children and otherwise from the most rarefied and expensive haute couture and designer fashions to ordinary everyday clothing. With the rise of new technologies such as the sewing machine, the rise of global capitalism and the development of the factory system of production, and the proliferation of retail outlets such as department stores for clothing had increasingly come to be mass-produced in standard sizes and sold at fixed prices. Today it is an international and highly globalized industry, with clothing often designed in one country, manufactured in another, and sold in a third.

Why do I need a Fashion Designer? Is a good question to start with. A fashion designer's vision plays a huge role in deciding how a person will look and how the outfit will materialise in. It’s the job of a fashion designer to study fashion trends, sketch designs, select materials, and work on the customs of a dress for a customer. A Fashion Designer designs clothes for all across demographics to make them look presentable and unique. A designer himself or through marketing research agency researches current designs and predicts future trends and then works on their pieces to fit those trends in present and in future while simultaneously working with fabric, colors, style and the needs of the consumer.

It’s a process when it comes to sewing a custom couture but also one to make your unique style come to life. A fashion designer sketches, draws , drapes on the mannequin to see how it falls on a human and then works on the actual dress.

In the 21st century, where the fashion industry has moved leaps and bounds ahead in time and has evolved so much, trends have changed and the style even more. Anybody who wishes to tailor a design can go to a designer and have them make your custom dress.

Even though it's an expensive sewing that charges your pocket more than what you get off the rack. Custom dresses have become a rage in the present time. Every individual wants to wear couture and flaunt those dresses because of its unique design and availability.

Thus, a fashion designer helps you create an outfit that's unique to your taste and adds to the trend. The quality of designing is far better custom made than what you pick up off the rack.

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